Thursday, January 1, 2009

Isn't Jan 1 the GREATEST!!!

It's so easy to keep your resolutions!! Here's a photo & a post. Woohoo!

Today was a nice quiet day. Scott & I are both sick but we did manage to make it to midnight last night. The kids watched the fireworks, I went to bed, Scott filled the humidifier to have in our room. I don't think an humidifier does much good but a) he likes it & 2) it drowns out a little bit of his snoring.

Got up, got a shower (something you take for granted on a "normal" day but since I've been sick, it's been a every 3rd day luxury!), worked on some ATCs (pics tomorrow maybe?).

Last year, on NYD, we went to see Night at the Museum. The kids have decided that it's a tradition now. Well, what's playing? Benjamin Button, nah. Valkyrie, Scott wants to see this but, come on, the kids are 12 & 14. Plus, I know how it ends! Nah! Marley & Me, fine by me but dd REFUSES to see it. I guess that leaves Bedtime Stories.

Why is this boy such a goof?? Oh yeah, I'm his Mom!

Not a huge Adam Sandler fan but it was a fine show & a good way to spend an cold afternoon! Before the opening credits both kids had a tiny bout of Montezuma's revenge & ran to the b/r. Nick actually missed the first few minutes of the show. But, they both bounced back & refused to eat anymore popcorn. More for me & Scott, right?? No, I kicked the dang thing over about 10 minutes into the movie. When will they make theaters for us plus-size movie goers?? I know my tushie is big but please give me enough room for my feet & the bath-tub size of popcorn (ah, now I know how my tushie got big!!)

Home again, left over Imo's pizza for dinner (YUM!!), watched a little tv, worked a little more on ATCs (don't you LOVE Changito!! Isn't he/she just perfect for paper piecing??)

Now, it's 9:30 & time to get the kids back into the school day bedtimes. I guess Nick's gonna get to stay up until 10 now like Becs. He was going at 9:30 but, since they both get up at the same time & leave at the same time (and Nick's almost always ready to go when we leave, unlike someone else who doesn't usually have shoes on, contacts in, hair combed, bed made, pretty much NOTHING done!), I guess it's only fair.

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laos348 said...

Sounds like you had a nice day. Hope you feel better soon!

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