Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolution

My hope for the new year (besides health, world peace & all the crap) is to update my blog daily!!! I need to get over the fact that I may not have crafts to share & just post. Even if no one out there ever reads any of it, I want it as a "journal" and to help me maybe get back into scrapbooking! I love the immediate gratification of a card but my first love was always scrapbooking.

So, on the order of Becky Higgins Project 365, I'm going to post something everyday. I hope to take a pic of something w/some sort of significance everyday. I don't know what in the world it might be but, I'm going to try. Now, having said that, I can't download any pics right now. I got a teeny, tiny media card stuck in my SD slot on my computer. I'll have to find my cord & download the "old fashioned way". LOL

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