Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm the room princess!!

Fixed the technical problems (user error, duh!) and got my pics.

Here is the story. I work at an elementary school. My boss's daughter is a teacher of a challenged class. They do not have a room mother so my boss, crafty gal that she is, agreed to help out for the Valentine's party. I told her since she is the teacher's mom, that truely makes her the Room Mother. I asked what I was since I was helping her. She says I can be Room Princess. I wonder if it comes w/a crown??? (anybody remember that Patrick Swayze movie where he was in drag?? The one guy was excited 'cause he was the "drag princess". Sorry, my mind wanders. ALOT!!!)

Back to the craft (don't you wish you were one of those people who just looked at the picture & went to the next blog???) We originally made these pizza boxes at the New Catty Open house. They were fairly simple so Vicci bought all the stuff for them and pretty much I took the whole operation over. I ran out of adhesive so I'll post the finish project later today (I hope)


Mrs. Fence said...

looks like fun so far! especially if you get a crown!

Cindi said...

room princess?? awesome! I'll bet you were waving your wand and spreading glitter everywhere!

shadoob said...

Every Princess needs a tiara!!!

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