Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anyone want a sewer update??

If so, you are crazier than I am. Skippy came out & looked in my "waste water treatment system". He spent all of 5 min out there & told me I need to have the system "vacuumed"......AGAIN. This is supposed to be done every 5 years or so and we just had it done last winter!!! What's up w/that. It's not that cheap. I could buy 2 full price critterbutts for what they're gonna charge me. And a thrid one too if you count what Skippy charged me to walk out into my backyard!!! It's a total scam I tell you!!! I whined to my dad (who is actually the one who installed ALL these systems in this neighborhood) and told him it's enough to make me want to move. He said I can't move w/o cleaning the system anyway 'cause no one will buy a house w/water in the basement.

So, dh called and wanted to know how things were going. While I sit here & try to figure how to deal w/all this, he's sitting in Houlihan's which is across the mall from ARCHIVERS!!!! How unfair is that??? I told him he needed to go in & buy me something pretty since I'm handling all this mess. Lets see if he does. He would have no idea what do buy me so, I seriously doubt he will. But, he could get me a g/c, right???? I won't hold my breath.

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Sara71 said...

Sorry to hear about your sewer crap...but if it makes you feel better I have one car with no heat, no defroster, no nothing, not blowing air at all which means I cannot drive it to work because even without heat, breathing in the car makes the windows fog up...sooooooooo, I pull back to in front of the house, come in, wake dh up, tell him the problem and that I am taking the silver monte, go to the garage and the damn thing won't start. I was waiting for him to tell me it was my fault that I left a light on or something but NOOOOO he was the last one to drive it on Sunday when he took it to the car wash, so now he thinks the carwash killed the battery. So we had the battery replaced in that car AFTER dh pushed it out of the garage so it could be towed, and the black monte is supposed to be looked at tommorrow. Go figure, we both had crappy things happen to us on the exact same day!!! Oh yeah I went to the podiatrist today cause my left big toe was hurting, come to find out I had an ingrown toenail that was he took off my toenail....yes the whole damn thing, it was cracked and felt funny anyway so hopefully this will solve the problem. Oh and my team at work was crappy today too. go figure!!!

Love ya!

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