Thursday, February 15, 2007


They say, bad things come in threes. 1) my sewer backed up yesterday evening. All over my new sheet vinyl!! ICK!!! We have this icky system called a Norweco and there is only one company that services it. They were just out for our semi-annual maintainece in Dec & I SHOULD NOT be having this problem. They're gonna try to get out today to see what's up. THEY BETTER!! I can't do laundry, dishes or even shower convieniently. BLUCK!!! It's enough to make you want to move!

2) I can't get on to the Shack!!!!!!! This is worse than the first bad thing!!!! I'm lost. I have the day off today & can't surf the shack. Whatever should I do???? I'm gonna turn off my computer & turn it back on & hope that it's some sort of glitch on MY END!!! Oh, say it isn't so!!! I guess I could go work on some cards or at least clean the disaster that is my scrap table up. Nah, I'll go read blogs.

3) Only time will tell!!

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