Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18

Well, it's the end. End of Sunday football. Yes, I know there is still the Super Bowl but, that's different. I will no longer be a football widow. I will no longer have something to sleep thru (I'm sure I can find something). Dh will be available on Sunday afternoons for other projects. Until Spring Training games start.

Can you see the Hubby decorating touches? The books of baseball cards? The Cubby bear? The Cubs blanket? The framed pic o Wrigley Field above the baseball cards? Above the TV, there is a cross stitch pic of a Cubby Bear & a Football Bear. I made it for Scott when we were still dating. Technically, the big screen, HD tv is dh's contribution so he can see the baseball games in HD. Guess what? WGN is NOT in DH thru DirecTV.

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Mrs. Fence said...

LOL Suzi! I know what you mean about being a sports widow. But I must confess, I do love baseball!

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