Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 22

(What am I going to do when February hits & I won't be able to easily figure what day it is????)

Last night the kids had sports pictures taken after school. This is the first time that both kids have been involved in a sport at the same time. This is good & bad. I spend ALOT of time waiting around for practices and driving to home & away games. But, I digress.

Since I had no idea what time we would be done w/school, I talked Scott into eating out. We went to Jack in the Box. I LOVE JitB. Yummy burgers & tacos, so-so fries. Until a few years ago, I didn't realize that they were not a national chain. I'd seen them in the StL area and I'd seen them in California so, I assumed they were everywhere. They're not! Shame, they have terribly funny commercials & the cutest antennae balls. Hmmm, a pic idea for another day?

Oh yeah, my kids (and in the last few years, my hubby) are addicted to ketchup. Scott usually only eats it fast food resturants (the ketchup at home is cold, he likes his at room temperture). So we get ALOT of ketchup.

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