Friday, March 23, 2007

Nothing to report

Instead of making anything last night, I spent 45 min looking for my Danelle Johnson Circle C'mas stamps. ARGH!!! Why am I such a mess??? My stuff is fairly organized. I cleaned everything up when I put it away. WHY WHY WHY were the C'mas stamps not w/the C'mas stamps??? I finally found them UNDER a box where I keep completed layouts waiting for pictures & somehow, my chipboard. How did it get under a box that has not MOVED in nearly 2 years?? By the time I found them, I was too disgusted w/myself to make anything. And, dh had made popcorn so, I ate that, watched some TV (I'm completely out of the B'ball pools. All 4 of my Final 4 teams lost :( and went to bed. Maybe today???

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