Friday, March 23, 2007

Woke up to TWO sick kids today

DD was still unwell. She didn't feel up to going to school so I told her she didn't have to go. DS said he didn't feel good. I told him that he needed to eat & go to school. Figured he was faking. He drank his juice, took his Zyrtek and then went to his room. I told him to brush & flush & get dressed. I went into his room a few minutes later & he was sound asleep on his bed. I decided to let him stay home.

I HAD to go to work. I knew one girl was going to be off so I had to cover for her. When I got to work, another girl never showed up. It was a horrid day. And, to make matters MORE FUN, the computer's crashed & I had to hand write all the kids names so I can enter them when the computer comes back up!

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to call dh to ask how Nick & Becca were. When I finally got home, found out that Nick was REALLY sick. He didn't wake up until 10am & when he did, he threw up. He layed (lied???) around all day & didn't even want to play Game Cube. When I got home, I took his temp & it was 102.4!!! I gave him some tylenol & he went back to sleep. Later, his temp was back down to normal & he was feeling MUCH better. He had some mac & cheese & some koolaid & feel asleep on the couch. Hopefully, he'll be ok in the morning.

So, I sat w/the kids & watched Pirates of the Caribean II instead of stamping tonite. Oh well, the kids enjoyed having mom watch TV w/them so, I'll not complain. Maybe I'll stamp tomorrow.

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flipflops4sherri said...

WOW! Your monkey was starving!! I fed him 3 bananas :). Sherri

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