Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Anaheim, Day 5

We only had a 5 day pass to Disney so this was supposed to be a beach day. Scott had to work & he was afraid it would be at work too long. So we decided to have a rest, laundry day. So, dh went to work, the kids & I hung out. After lunch, Nick & I headed to the pool. (Becca, the internet junkie stayed in the room w/her computer) I lugged the big suitcase full of dirty clothes down to guest laundry & washed clothes. Even tho we had NOT been to the beach yet, somehow my load of jeans was full of sand! Had to re-wash them all!

While I waited poolside for the laundry, Nick swam. He made friends at the pool & just had fun. Unfortunately, he wouldn't listen to me & put on sunscreen. He was very pink by the time the laundry was done! Becca came down and took pics with my camera. She took this one of Nick. She also took a series of pics of my ear. But, I'm choosing not to share those with y'all!
This was a very nice, relaxing day. In retrospect, I should have built MORE of these days into the trip!

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