Thursday, July 5, 2007

San Diego Wild Animal Park, Day 8

We got up on Sunday, ate our breakfast (spilled syrup on yet ANOTHER shirt!) and headed for the Wild Animal Park. This place is AWESOME!! It so much better than a zoo. You do miss some of the animals (no monkeys, no bears, no reptiles) but it's just so cool.

We started out w/the birds. Not my favorite of "animal" but, that's where the park kinda starts. Becca was terrified of the ducks!!! One came towards her & she freaked. She would not get anywhere near them for the rest of the day!!!

They started something new since last year. They have this tram ride called Journey Into Africa. It takes you thru the back part of the park & you can see all the animals in their semi-natural surroundings. Way cool. Becca was so impressed that she saw 2 or the 8 White Rhino's that are in captivity. According to our guide, there might only be 5 or 6 in the wild, if that. They are on the edge of extintion & we got to see the only 2 in the Americas!!

After the tram ride, we headed for lunch. During lunch, a duck came out of the trees & Becca freaked out again. It's just a duck girl, GET OVER IT!!!

After lunch, we hit the Elephant show. It was cool to see the elephants doing things & learning about them. Did you know the female elephant is the leader?? The leader of the group had just recently abdicated to a younger elephant. Was interesting to learn how the torch was passed. Very civilized. Unlike male led groups.

We then headed for the giraffe feeding area. When Scott & I came last year, we thought it was so cool that you could feed the giraffes & looked forward to bringing the kids so they could actually feed them. The kids were not at all interested in getting that close to a giraffe. What's wrong with these kids??? So, we looked at the giraffes & moved on.

Scott wanted to see the cheetahs but, being as it was soooo hot, they were no where to be seen (other than the one we saw on the Africa journey). We were all tired and oh so hot. We headed out & on to the next hotel.

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