Monday, July 2, 2007

Disney Diary, Day 3

Scott was off on Tuesday so we decided to use our early admit option. We ate & headed for the bus stop. The bus was supposed to be there every 20 minutes but it was LATE! We finally got to Disneyland at about 7:20 & there were already HUGE lines waiting to get in at 8am. We asked 2 people where the early admit lines were & they told us these were them. Finally, we found someone who knew what they were doing & they directed us to the early admit line. We RACED for the Finding Nemo ride (I am a LARGE woman who can not run!!! By the time we got halfway, my calves were SCREAMING!!!)

We get to the ride & it's already backed up past the 90 minute mark. We decide this is our only shot, we get in line. The lady "guarding" the line says that as long as one member of the group stays in line, we can come & go as we please. The kids go to ride the Matterhorn and dh goes off to get us fast passes for later. I make some phone calls & go to the bathroom. All in all, the wait wasn't so bad. It was early so it wasn't hot & most of the line was covered. We FINALLY go to the ride about 1:45 minutes later. It was pretty but kinda lame. I really didn't think it was worth the wait at all!!

After that, we rode the new family favorite Splash Mountain. Can you say WET!! Both kids LOVE this ride this year. Last time we went, I couldn't get Nick on it to save my life!! He had so much more fun this time.

After we got soaked, we went back to the hotel for lunch and to dry out a bit. When we went back, we headed straight for California Adventure. We love the Bug's Land and think the Bugs Life ''show" is the coolest. The kids insisted on riding ALL of the Bugland rides even tho they were WAY too old for most of them.

We had a rule. The kids had to try any ride that mom or dad wanted to ride. Last time, the kids had be terrified of the roller coasters & we didn't get to ride either of them. This year, we told the kids they were going to try them at least once. We told them that neither dad nor I wanted to ride the Tower of Terror so they got a 'bye' on that one. Well, Nick decided that he wanted to ride the ToT. Scott said that since he made the rule, he'd have to live by it. So, he & Nick got in line for the ride. Becca & I went to the Muppets in 3D show. WAY fun there. Nick enjoyed the ToT, Scott did not.

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