Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Disney Diary, Day 4

For our 4th day at Disney, Scott had to work. So the kids & I took off on our own again. We rode a few rides, did some shopping and then went to see the Aladdin show in CA Adventure. It was AMAZING!!!!! The acting was fantastic and the guy who played Genie stole the show. A few too many Sanjia (sp?) jokes but still terrific!!! The only down side was that the kids & I didn't get to sit together. We were "late" in line (meaning we only waited 30 minutes instead of an hour & half) so we were one of the last groups allowed into the orchestra level. By the time we go into the theater, all the chunks of seats were taken. Luckily, I found 3 aisle seats fairly close together. I was able to keep my eyes on the kids the whole time. I HIGHLY recommend this show to anyone who goes do Disney!!!

After the show, we came home for lunch. Like the other days we came w/o Scott, we relaxed & napped in the afternoon. After dinner, we went back to Disney to finish up some rides & to see the Fantasmic show. It was pretty cool but some of it was a little boring. Some of it was down-right SCARY!! The kids loved it! As soon as it was done, we all moved to main street to watch the fireworks. They were really cool. Set to music & dialog from some of the rides. Way cool. We left shortly before they were over but were able to watch while we were walking out of the park. We got to our "bus stop" and some cranky lady yelled at me 'cause we were sitting & not waiting in line. I'd like to say I ignored here but, I was tired & cranky too so I yelled back at her. In front of my kids. I wish I had not done that!! Oh well. Only one more day left in Disneyland.

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