Wednesday, July 4, 2007

LegoLand Day 7

We left Anaheim after breakfast today. Everything was packed & we were ready to go as soon as we ate. Since we were only spending one night in the Carsbad area hotel, I had packed only enough clothes for me & the kids for the one night in a small bag. Of course, while at breakfast, I spilled syrup down the front of me. I had put a spare shirt in the outside of my BIG bag & was easily able to grab it. Then, it was off to Legoland.

We arrived early & got a decent parking place. Of course, no one told us there was special parking for Volvos. They got priority parking. How funny was that?? While we are waiting, we notice all these banners for Lego Star Wars. Come to find out, this was Star Wars weekend. Explains all the kids (and adults) dressed in costumes! We also noticed that the majority of the kids were much YOUNGER than ours. Uhoh.

We finally are allowed in and start making the rounds. I'm sure this is a terrific place if you have a 5yo but, it's fairly lame for a 10 & 12yo! Nick would not admit it since he chose this destination but even HE was bored. Later on, we started running into Star Wars charachters wandering around the park & that was fun for him.

After lunch (where I ended up wearing a giant glob of ketchup) we found "Mini Land". This is where they built tiny cityscapes with legos. So WAY COOL!!! Scott, Becca & I decided that this portion of the park was worth what we paid to get in. It was amazing the detail & the number of bricks used!

After we left Legoland, we headed for a new hotel in Carlsbad. It was nice, lots of cool spa like products in the bathroom. Nice comforter too. The only problem was the room was too small and only had one tv. It was only one night, we survived.

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Mary said...

Cool pictures! I first looked at them and thought "wow, their Disney is WAY different from ours". Then I read your journaling and discovered you were at Legoland. LOL


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