Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17

I drove up the "River Road" to Elsah today. I love the river road. For some reason it makes me feel peaceful. I think there is a deep, psychological reason for it but I'm not about to delve into it here :) Anyway, I was looking for eagles but didn't see any that I could easily take pics of.

I did want to take some pics of the frozen river. It was really cool looking I thought. The ice was not smooth & flat and, in some places, it was very free flowing. A number of barges were going up and down the river. I don't think the river freezes solid anymore. I still remember reading the Little House series and learning about people driving across the frozen river before there were bridges (and cars for that matter!)

After I got home, I picked up the kids & we went back downtown to look for eagles. They have an eagle at the Alton Visitors' Center. The kids were unimpressed. They agreed to drive along to the dam but I think it was just to kill time until 2 when they thought I would buy them sodas at Sonic. They were disappointed.

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Mrs. Fence said...

I love your pics of the frozen river. They are great. Too bad for the kids about Sonic. I like their burgers!

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