Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today's Pic

This is one of the most fabulous gifts I think I've ever rec'd. I got this from my boss (in addition to a GC from my lss!) Her hubby works for a local refinery & had gotten these tool kits for vicci & her daughter. Somehow he was able to get FIVE more of them for all of us girls at work. It is the coolest & has everything I could need. Yesterday, we got the new knobs for Becca's new dresser (needed ones that matched her desk better) and of course I needed a phillips screwdriver to replace them. The phillips that was actualy upstairs was so worn down, it wouldn't work. So, I went downstairs, got my handy dandy tool kit & had like 5 different choices of phillips screwdirvers. WOOHOO!!

Of course, I'm torn w/the idea of taking all the tools out & using this for a scrap tool kit! LOL

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