Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And, now it's Wednesday

I am going to accomplish something tonite if it KILLS me!! My closet has been a wreck for 2 weeks now. It's gotta end sometime. My dad is taking the kids to church tonite so, I'll have about 2 hours of ME TIME. Of course, some of that time has to be spent doing some housework. I got the basement clean last night but, I still have the upstairs to do. I caught a glimps of DS's TV last night. ACK!!!! Why does his room seem to get the most dust?? Do the dust bunnies know he's allergic & that's why? Once I clean upstairs, I'm gonna get the closet DONE! Then, I can finish mounting my stamps & maybe even get some stamping done!

I do have to finish one more Christmas Card. I vowed to do 10 per month so when November rolls around, I'll have at least a hundred cards done & won't be INSANE!!! Of course, then I won't have anything "fun" to do in December......

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