Monday, January 29, 2007

Well, Day 2

Lets see how long I can keep up with this.

I'm sitting here waiting for UPS. They are supposed to deliver the last 2 boxes of my HUGE SU order. Everyone who ordered is DYING for their stuff & I'm dying for mine!!! I should be getting about 12 more sets of stamps and 2 complete color families of ink pads. I'm sooo excited. Of course, mounting them will be a pain but.....

I didn't get much accomplished on my craft closet last night. I spent too much time looking for a missing tool (anyone have an extra tiny hole punch?) This is why I MUST get this space in order. Normally, the punch is in the side of my CIS XXL. I looked thru everything since I had moved so much stuff but, it's no where to be found. My only guess is I left it at Debi's house when we were stampin last month. If that's the case, I'll get it back later this week. If not, I guess I have to buy a new one (which will GUARANTEE I find the "old" one the minute the packaging is torn.

Later, I'll post a pic of the cute little goodie boxes I made for everyone who bought from my SU party. Well, the idea is cute, the execution, not so much. Absolutely NO adhesive I tried will keep the bottom of the box together. I tried my favorite red Duck tape, CM tape runner, photo splits and Scotch double sided tape. I even used glue dots & even they didn't hold well. I'm just hoping the chocolate INSIDE the box distract the receivers from the shoddy workmanship.

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flipflops4sherri said...

Hey Suzi, you are slipping. Where is the post for today, which is day 3? ha ha Great blog... is your stamp room clean yet??? :) Sherri

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