Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy Friday

I'm sooo glad it's Friday! No going to work for 2 whole days. Of course, I've got about 3 days of work here :( Tons & tons & tons of laundry, still have to finish last week's house cleaning & I really want to do some crafting. I think I'm gonna start dinner now & will do the cleaning while the family eats (we're having spaghetti & I'm not thrilled w/spaghetti!) Then, I can work on laundry while I make some cards & finish mounting the stamps ( I really only have one set left to do)

Tomorrow, I have bowling (my turn to take the kids) a Longaberger meeting (that I still haven't RSVPed to yet) and then dinner out & cards w/Tim & Sarah. Doesn't look good for craft time anywhere in there!

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