Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's Thursday already?????

Oh my heavens, this is the longest I have gone w/o posting to my blog. NOTHING interesting has happend & I have not created anything in the last 3 days! I still can not get inspired. I want to do more 3x3 cards (since Sherri is doing them & they are stinkin cute) or do some of the blog candy (since Erin is doing them & they are DARN stinkin cute). I want to do some of the funky folded cards seen here I have all day on Friday, most of the day on Saturday and, if dh cleans today like he promised he would do (yeah, right) I won't even have anything to do on Sunday.

My boss suggested I work on a mini-album instead of trying to do a card? I don't know. What if I get into the middle of that & lose steam (or, dont' start w/any steam to begin with??) Or, maybe I should call my dr back, get the results of the blood test he did last week, admit that I'm anemic & start taking the blasted iron pills he recommended LAST AUGUST!!! Or, not.


Julie said...

You should call. They should have called you by now. Maybe once your mind is clear, you will get back on the card bandwagon!

Thanh said...

Mhmm you should call, argeed with Julie.

Suzi said...

I called, my blood sugar is still up. I gotta cut down & go back for a fasting test in 2 mos. I knew it would be a problem. I need to behave myself.

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