Friday, March 9, 2007

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Today, dd had school but ds & I didn't. I took dd to school & then drove on to Fairview Heights, a BIG town about 45 min from home. Went to Michael's. No clear stamps :( But, I bought another circle punch w/the 40% coupon that my friend Marge mailed to me (I never get them in my paper). Plus I got the paper packs & some brads that were on sale. Then, it was on to Hobby Lobby. Bought some more Chirstmasa stamps (50% off) and another circle punch w/my 40% coupon. From there, I stopped at Joanns. Not ONE stamp ANYWHERE in that whole store!!! What's the deal with that??? From there, I hit Archivers. I got my 5 sheets of free paper, ANOTHER clear stamp set (happy b'day) w/my 30% off coupon and 6 more sheets of yellow cardstock (I never seem to have the right color of yellow). Then, I stopped at Circut City & bought dh Season 6 of Everybody Loves Raymond (HATE, HATE, HATE that show!!! Why do they always have to make Debra such a shrew????) on sale for $17!!! Then, I hit Culvers (YUM) and got gas ($.17 a gal cheaper than around here) Now, I'm home but will have to leave in an hour to go get dd from school. I have so much cool stuff but no time to play now. Hopefully, I'll have the energy & the inclination to do it after dinner (and dishes & walking &, &, & )

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shuggy said...

wow!! that's a lot of shopping!!

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