Monday, March 5, 2007

Yea, the Shack is BACK

Was able to log in first thing this morning. It just makes my day go smoother.

Had to take dd to school, then the van to the repair place so I can pay to have my bumper fixed. The chick who hit me never paid her insurance so I'm SOL! Man, can you think of the coolio things I could have bought w/the $250 I'm gonna have to pay on my deductible???? Bummer!!!

Anyway, the shop called, it's gonna be 2 days before they can fix my bumper (I told them the whole thing needed to be replaced but, what do I know, I'm just a girl?) so I had to get a rental car. But, since DH had an audit, he got to take the rental. I'll be lucky to even get to drive it :( It was some kinda of coolio mini-suv. Tonite, I have to p/u dd from school & then take ds to taekwondo. Dh won't be home until I leave for TKD so, maybe I'll go somewhere AFTER.

I'm going to create something pretty today. Im gonna keep at it until it's something I like!! I know I have some talent. I know I've done pretty cards in the past. I should be able to do it now. We'll see what happens by tonite.

Oh yeah, if anyone out there wants to bring me a x-large diet coke w/vanilla from Sonic, I won't turn it down!!!

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Mary said...

Those Shack withdrawals are a killer. LOL

Mary (toao)

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