Sunday, March 4, 2007

Where is my shack????

Argh!! The shack is down. I hate it when this happens. I miss my buddies soooo much. Maybe I should do some work since I have a REALLY good excuse not to be online. Yeah, right.

Bought 24 clear $1 stamps yesterday at Michaels. I couldn't believe it. They had all but 1 of the designs. Of course, I got the last one of 3 of the designs. If things go well today, I may run (back) to FH today to see what thier M's has.

On other Michaels' notes: The revamped the ENTIRE store. It's like a "real" Ms now!!! Everything is better organized and they have more stuff. I actually SAW the Cuttle Bug for the first time!!! Woohoo. After watching the video that someone posted and hearing that it will cut chipboard, I'm IN!!! I'm gonna get one of these bad boys as soon as I'm done going to SU partys and/or my muse returns.

I swore I wasn't going to buy anything more stamp related until I got my groove back but, that went by the wayside yesterday. Somehow, I spent $40 at M's. Wowser. I need to justify that money by MAKING SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!! I think I'm gonna try to work on Christmas stuff today & see if that gets my MoJo going.


shuggy said...

oh suz!!! i just posted the same thing!! what's wrong with the shack?

i'm glad you are up to your old stalker ways again. i missed you! glad you are better!

thos stamps will help get your groover back. they are so cute!

what a large pizza? sorry, we're out...

Kelly said...

Shack withdrawl...its whats for breakfast :D

Cute stamps too. Yours is the best image Ive seen of them so far. I quickly looked at my M's the other day but didnt see them (not shocking). But I want to go back to get a CB diecut (they were out) so I might look harder.

Happy creating :)

Laura said...

I can't get in so I'm checking the shackie blogs! Those stamps are really cute - I think I need to make a trip to my M's.

Julie said...

Hey- those are cute $1 stamps!

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